Cristian D. Popescu



           Professor of Mathematics
           University of California, San Diego
         Department of Mathematics
         9500 Gilman Drive, Dept 0112
         La Jolla, CA 92093-0112

         Phone: (858)534-6297
         Fax: (858)534-5273

Constantin Brancusi


Co-organized with the Number Theory Group at UCSD,
with financial support from UCSD and the NSF (DMS-1303303)
          Organizers: Cristian D. Popescu, Romyar Sharifi,
with financial support from the NSF (DMS -1005225).
Organizers: Manfred Kolster, Cristian D. Popescu, Romyar Sharifi,
with funding from the NSF (DMS -1005225)  and the Fields Institute.
Theme: "The Arithmetic of L-functions"
Organizers: Cristian D. Popescu, Karl Rubin, Alice Silverberg.

  Co-organized with the Number Theory group at UCSD, with financial support from the UCSD, the NSA and the NSF.
An informal seminar for faculty and gradute students - schedule.
Organizers: Adebisi Agboola, UCSB; Cristian Popescu, UCSD.
An informal seminar for graduate students and faculty.
Organized by:  D. Burns (London), C. Popescu (Baltimore), J. Sands (Burlington), D. Solomon (London),
with support from the National Science Foundation, the Number Theory Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University.

    1) My main mathematical interests are in the fields of algebraic number theory and arithmetic algebraic geometry, with a focus on special values of p-adic and global L-functions. 
My most recent results
and research projects are joint with Cornelius Greither (Münich) and have led to the proof an Equivariant Main Conjecture in Iwasawa Theory
unconditionally, in char. p>0  and away from 2 and under the assumption that a certain Iwasawa mu-invariant vanishes, in char. 0.) 
By using Iwasawa co-descent, we have been able to derive the following type of results on
special values of global L-functions:


Byungchul Cha, PhD 2003, Johns Hopkins U. (co-advised with V. Kolyvagin)
           Caleb Emmons, PhD 2006, UCSD.
Barry Smith, PhD 2007, UCSD.
           Daniel Vallières, PhD 2011, UCSD.

           Joel Dodge, PhD 2011, UCSD.
             Correy Stone, PhD 2016, UCSD
             Robert Snellman, PhD 2017, UCSD.
             Zachary Higgins, PhD 2021, UCSD.
             Wei Yin, PhD 2023 (expected), UCSD.
             Nandagopal Ramchandran, PhD 2023 (expected), UCSD.
             Rusiru Ghambeera, PhD 2023 (expected), UCSD.

            Jason Colwell, SEW Assistant Professor (2004-2006), UCSD.
            Nathan Green, SEW Assistant Professor (2018-2021), UCSD.
            Joseph Ferrara, RTG Post-Doctoral Fellow (2018-2020), UCSD.
            Kwun Chung, SEW Assistant Professor (2021-2024), UCSD.
            Zachary Higgins, RTG Post-Doctoral Fellow (2021-2023), UCSD.

        Winter 2022 Math 104A (Algebraic Number Theory I); Math 100B (Abstract Algebra II).
        Spring 2021 Math 104B (Algebraic Number Theory II); Math 205 (Topics in Number Theory).

        Winter 2021 Math 104A (Algebraic Number Theory I); Math 105 (Basic Number Theory)

        Winter 2020 Math 205 (Topics in Number Theory); Math 104B (Algebraic Number Theory II.)
        Fall 2019 Math 104A (Algebraic Number Theory); Math 105 (Basic Number Theory).

       Summer 2019 Math 105 (Basic Number Theory) 
       Spring 2019 Math 100C (Abstract Allgebra III.)

        Winter 2019 Math 205 (Topics in Number Theory); Math 100B (Abstract Algebra II.)
        Fall 2018 Math 100A (Abstract Algebra I)

        Spring 2018 Math 204C (local and global class field theory); Math 103B (Modern Algebra II.) 
        Winter 2018  Math 204B (local fields); Math 103A (Modern Algebra I).
       Spring 2017 Mah104C (Undergraduate Number Theory III.)
        Winter 2017 Math 109 (Mathematical Reasoning); Math 104B (Undergraduate Number Theory II).

        Fall 2016 Math 204A (Algebraic Number Theory I)

        Summer 2016, I Number Theory (Math 104A)

        Spring 2015 Math 104A (Number Theory);  Math  109  (Mathematical  Reasoning).
        Winter 2015 Topics in Number Theory (Math 205) - Iwasawa Theory.

        Spring 2014 Abstract Algebra III (Math 100C).      

        Fall 2013     Topics in Algebraic Number Theory (cohomology of number fields, Math 205)Mathematical reasoning (Math 109).

        Spring 2013 Math 205 (Topics in Algebraic Number Theory); Math 104C (Undergraduate Number Theory).

        Winter 2013 Mathematical reasoning (Math 109)

        Spring 2012 Abstract Algebra (Math 100C); Topics in Analytic Number Theory - "Modularity II" (Math 204C.)

        Winter 2012 Linear algebra (Math 102); Topics in Analytic Number Theory - "Modularity" (Math 204B.)      

        Spring 2011 Abstract Algebra (Math 100C); Topics in Algebraic Number Theory (Math 201C.)

        Winter 2011 Abstract Algebra (Math 100B); Modern Algebra (Math 103B).

        Spring 2010 Abstract Algebra (Math 100C); Multivariable Calculus (Math 20C).

        Winter 2010 Topics in Number Theory (Math 201); Multivariable Calculus (Math 20C).

        Summer 2009, II Number Theory (Math 104A)
        Winter 2009 Topics in Number Theory (Math 205); Abstract Algebra (Math 100B).

        Fall 2008      Abstract Algebra (Math 100A).

        Winter 2008 Graduate Number Theory (Math 204B);   Undergraduate Number Theory (Math 104B).

        Fall 2007     Number Theory (Math 104A)

        Winter 2007 Topics in Algebraic Number Theory (Math 205B) - Global Class Field Theory.   (Local/global diagram.)

        Fall 2006     Topics in Algebraic Number Theory (Math 205A) - Local and Global Class Field Theory;   Calculus (Math 20C).

        Spring 2006 Topics in Algebraic Number Theory (Math 205) - LOCAL CLASS FIELD THEORY

        Winter 2006 Graduate Algebra (Math 200B); Introduction to Differential Equations (Math 20D)      

        Fall 2005     Graduate Algebra (Math 200A);  Mathematical Reasoning (Math 109)      

        Spring 2005 Number Theory (Math 104C)

        Winter 2005 Number Theory (Math 104B);    Calculus (Math 20C)

        Fall 2004      Mathematical Reasoning (Math 109)
        Spring 2004  Mathematical Reasoning (Math 109)
        Winter 2004  Linear Algebra (Math 20F)
        Fall 2003        Introduction to Differential Equations (Math 20D)