Math 109 (Mathematical Reasoning) - Spring 2004

Professor: CRISTIAN D. POPESCU  -- Lectures: MWF 1:00-1:50  in WLH 2207
    Office Hours: Mo. & We. 2:00-3:00pm,  in  AP&M 6256.
Office: AP&M 6256; Phone: 858-534-6297; E-mail:

Teaching Assistant: CALEB EMMONS  -- Discussion Sections: M 3-3:50 (B01) and M 4-4:50 (B02) in HSS 2152
Office Hours: W 3-5 & Th 3:30-5, in AP&M 2202
Office: AP&M 2202; E-mail:


WHAT IS MATH 109? This course is an introduction to mathematical reasoning. Perhaps the most useful consequence of studying mathematics is an enhanced ability to analyze problems, mathematical or otherwise, logically. In advanced mathematics courses and in mathematics research, this ability is deployed primarily to prove that specific statements are true. The goal of this course is to give the students an understanding of what it means to do mathematics, beyond simply doing calculations. This includes learning what kinds of statements need proof, what constitutes a proof, and how to read and write proofs.

  P. Fletcher and C. W. Patty, Foundations of Higher Mathematics, 3rd ed., (Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co. 1996). You are expected to read the text BEFORE each lecture.


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