Photograph: Windansea Beach by JV
UCSD Combinatorics Seminar
Organizers : Brendon Rhoades and Lutz Warnke

The combinatorics seminar is typically held at 2pm on Tuesdays unless otherwise stated during the academic quarter, in APM 7321, unless otherwise stated. The seminar covers all areas of combinatorics. For further information, email Brendon Rhoades at bprhoades (at) and Lutz Warnke at lwarnke (at) ucsd dot edu. For those speakers which have a webpage, clicking on their name will lead you there. Abstracts are linked as pdf files as they become available.

» June 11th (in APM 6402) Tolson Bell (Carnegie Mellon University) Random Hypergraphs and O(1) Insertion for Cuckoo Hashing Abstract
» June 4th Lutz Warnke (UCSD) Extreme local statistics in random graphs: maximum tree extension counts Abstract
» May 28th Canceled Harold Polo (UC Irvine) Cancelled TBA
» May 21st Mike Molloy (University of Toronto) An improved bound for the List Colouring Conjecture Abstract
» May 14th Jane Gao (University of Waterloo) Evolution of random representable matroids Abstract
» April 23rd Colleen Robichaux (UCLA) Exploring Kohnert's rule for Grothendieck polynomials Abstract
» April 16th Canceled Miquel Ortega (UPC Barcelona) Cancelled TBA
» April 9th Ewan Cassidy (Durham University) Schur-Weyl duality for symmetric groups Abstract
» March 19th (in APM 7218) Sylvester Zhang (U Minnesota) Schubert calculus and the Boson-Fermion correspondence Abstract
» March 12th Maciej Dolega (Polish Academy of Sciences) Weighted b-Hurwitz numbers from W-algebras Abstract
» March 5th Tom Bohman (Carnegie Mellon University) Notes on 2-point concentration in the random graph Abstract
» February 27th Vic Reiner (U Minnesota) Descents, peaks, and configuration spaces Abstract
» February 20th Jiyang Gao (Harvard) Quantum Bruhat graphs and tilted Richardson varieties Abstract
» February 13th Marcelo Sales (UC Irvine) On Pisier type problems Abstract
» February 6th Mike Molloy (University of Toronto) k-regular subgraphs near the k-core threshold of a random graph Abstract
» January 30th Zach Hamaker (University of Florida) Duality for polynomials Abstract
» January 23th Martin Balko (Charles University Prague) Ordered Ramsey numbers: Some recent progress Abstract
» January 16th Jonathan Novak (UCSD) From Graph Theory to Yang-Mills Theory via Math 202B Abstract
» January 9th Sam Spiro (Rutgers University) Sidorenko Hypergraphs and Random Turan Numbers Abstract
» December 5th Freddie Manners (UCSD) On a conjecture of Marton Abstract
» November 28th (zoom) He Guo (Technion) Non-uniform degrees and rainbow versions of the Caccetta-Häggkvist conjecture Abstract
» November 14th Daniel Soskin (Lehigh University) Multiplicative and additive determinantal inequalities for totally nonnegative matrices Abstract
» November 7th Tianyi Yu (UCSD) Analogue of Fomin-Stanley algebra on bumpless pipe dreams Abstract
» October 31st Jacques Verstraete (UCSD) The asymptotics of r(4,t) Abstract
» October 16th at 2pm (Monday) Esme Bajo (UC Berkeley) Weighted Ehrhart Theories Abstract
» October 10th Yifeng Huang (University of British Columbia) In the absence of partitions Abstract
» October 3rd Shira Zerbib (Iowa State University) New bounds on piercing numbers and line-piercing numbers in families of convex sets in the plane
» November 7th (on MONDAY at 4pm in 5402 APM) Raymond Chou A descent basis for the Garsia-Procesi module Abstract
» November 15th Gidon Orelowitz The Kostka semigroup and its Hilbert basis Abstract
» November 22nd Ruixiang Zhang A nonabelian Brunn-Minkowski inequality Abstract
» January 10th Yibo Gao Symmetric structures in the strong Bruhat order Abstract
» January 17th Sara Billey Combinatorial characterizations of smooth positroid varieties via pattern avoidance, spirographs, and Johnson graphs Abstract
» January 24th Tianyi Yu Top degree components of Grothendieck and Lascoux polynomials Abstract
» January 31st Sam Mattheus Non-opposite sets of flags in geometries over finite fields Abstract
» February 7th Sarah Brauner Configuration spaces and combinatorial algebras Abstract
» February 14th Jianping Pan RSK tableaux of boolean and fully commutative permutations Abstract
» March 7th Boris Bukh Enumeration of interval graphs and d-representable complexes Abstract
» March 14th Sami Assaf An insertion algorithm on Schubert polynomials Abstract
» April 11th Satyan Devadoss Combinatorics of surface deformations Abstract
» May 2nd Geertrui van de Voorde Point sets with few intersection numbers in projective spaces Abstract
» May 9th Sam Spiro Clique and Berge Supersaturation for K_{2,t} Abstract
» May 23rd Brendon Rhoades The superspace coinvariant ring TBA
» May 30th Lutz Warnke (UCSD) Isomorphisms between dense random graphs Abstract
» June 6th Jesse Kim Web bases and noncrossing set partitions TBA
» September 28th Ruth Luo Title: A Dirac Theorem for hamiltonian hypergraphs Abstract
» October 5th Sam Spiro Title: Maximal Independent Sets in Clique-free Graphs Abstract
» October 12th Tianyi Yu Title: Grothendieck-to-Lascoux Expansions Abstract
» November 2nd Andrew Zucker Title: Big Ramsey degrees in binary free amalgamation classes Abstract
» November 9th Ferdinand Ihringer Title: Low degree sets in finite geometry Abstract
» November 16th Josh Swanson Title: DUSTPAN distributions as limit laws for Mahonian statistics on forests Abstract
» November 23rd Anton Bernshteyn Title: Weak degeneracy of graphs Abstract
» November 30th Jonathan Tidor Title: Joints of varieties Abstract
» December 7th Jaeseong Oh Title: A combinatorial model for the transition matrix between the Specht and web bases Abstract
» January 11th Christophe Hohlweg Title: TBA Abstract
» May 31st Lutz Warnke (UCSD) The degree-restricted random process is far from uniform Abstract

» April 7 Canceled Anton Bernshteyn Title: TBA Abstract
» March 17 Kevin Milans Title: TBA Abstract
» March 10 Erin Meger Title: The Iterated Local Model for Social Networks Abstract
» March 3 Krystal Guo Title: Inverses of Trees Abstract
» February 27 at 2pm in APM 7218 Chun-Hung Liu Title: Clustered coloring for Hadwiger-type conjectures Abstract
» February 18 Christophe Hohlweg Title: Garside shadow and Shi arrangements in Coxeter groups Abstract
» February 11 Chris Cox Title: Periodic words, common subsequences and frogs Abstract
» February 4 Rekha Biswal Title: Macdonald polynomials and level two Demazure modules for affine sl(n+1) Abstract
» January 28 Tianyuan Xu Title: On elements of a-value 2 in Coxeter groups Abstract
» January 14 Swee Hong Chan Title: Performing random walks without any randomness Abstract
» January 7 Gweneth Anne McKinley Title: Super-logarithmic cliques in dense inhomogeneous random graphs Abstract
» December 12 at 3pm in APM 6402 Radoslav Fulek Title: Atomic embeddability, clustered planarity, and thickenability Abstract
» December 4 at 2pm in APM 7321 Taylor Brysiewicz Title: The degrees of Stiefel manifolds Abstract
» December 3 Lina Li Title: An overview of Erdos-Rothschild problems and their rainbow variants Abstract
» November 26 Misha Lavrov Title: Ordered size Ramsey number of paths Abstract
» November 21 at 3:00pm in APM 6402 Cosmin Pohoata Title: Sets without 4APs but with many 3APs Abstract
» November 12 Xujun Liu Title: Monochromatic connected matchings, paths and cycles in 2-edge-colored multipartite graphs Abstract
» November 5 Satyan Devadoss Title: Unfolding geometry at Burning Man Abstract
» October 29 Zhiyu Wang Title: Finding Berge hypergraphs by looking at the shadow Abstract
» October 15 Natan Rubin Title: Planar point sets determine many pairwise crossing segments Abstract
» May 28th Robert Ladoune Title: Representation stability for 0-Hecke modules Abstract
» May 21st at 12:00pm in APM 6402Ruth Luo Title: 2-connected hypergraphs with no long cyclesAbstract
» May 16th at 2:00pmHao Huang Title: A spectral proof of Kleitman's diametric theoremAbstract
» May 14th Sean Griffin Title: Labeled binary trees, subarrangements of the Catalan arrangements, and Schur-positivity Abstract
» May 7th Eric Ramos Title: Categories of graphs and contractions Abstract
» May 1st at 3:00pm Deborah Oliveros Title: Tverberg-type theorems and intersection patterns Abstract
» April 23rd Sheila Sundaram Title: The Kronecker coefficients from Jacobi's alternant formula for the Schur function Abstract
» March 21th at 4pm, APM 2402Janos Pach Title: The blessing of low dimensionality (Department Colloquium)Abstract
» March 19th at 4pm, APM 6402Jacob Fox Title: Regularity methods: applications and limitations (Department Colloquium)Abstract
» March 19th Sam Spiro Title: Saturation games for odd cyclesAbstract
» March 12th Jason O'Neill Title: Bollobas set k-tuples Abstract
» February 26th Kaave Hosseini A bilinear Bogolyubov-Ruzsa lemma with poly-logarithmic bounds Abstract
» February 19th Yasuhide Numata Title: The strong Lefschetz property for Artin Gorenstein algebras associated to matroids Abstract
» February 12th Bartosz Walczak Title: Sparse Kneser graphs are Hamiltonian Abstract
» February 5th Hang Huang Title : Syzygies of determinantal thickening via general linear Lie superalgebra Abstract
» January 29th Bruce Sagan Combinatorial and algebraic interpretations of Lucas analogues Abstract
» January 15th Andrew Ahn Global universality in periodic random plane partitions Abstract
» January 10th at 3pm, APM 6402 Asaf Ferber When combinatorics meets Littlewood-Offord theory Abstract
» January 8th at 3pm, APM 6402 Alan Frieze On the cover time of two classes of graphs Abstract
» December 17th at 3pm, APM 6402 Alfredo Hubard Combinatorial convexity and measures Abstract
» December 11th at 2:00pm in APM 2402 Gene Kim A central limit theorem for descents and major indices in fixed conjugacy classes of S_n Abstract
» December 4th in at 5:00pm in APM 6402 Anna Pun Catalan functions and k-Schur functions Abstract
» November 27th 3PM, APM 6402 Radoslav Fulek The Z_2-genus of complete bipartite graphs Abstract
» November 20th Cesar Cuenca q-analogues of representation-theoretic measures Abstract
» November 14th at 2pm, APM 6402 Clara Shikhelman Generalized Turan-type problems for random graphs Abstract
» November 14th at 1pm, APM 6402 Vic Reiner Cyclic sieving: Old and new (Virtual Combinatorics Colloquium) Abstract
» November 13th at 3pm, APM 6402 Thao Do A general incidence bound in high dimensions Abstract
» November 6th Graham Hawkes Characterization of queer supercrystals Abstract
» October 30th Josh Hallam Whitney duals of partially ordered sets Abstract
» October 23rd Robert Davis Identifying the state polytopes of certain combinatorial neural codes Abstract
» October 19th Christopher O'Neill Random numerical semigroups Abstract
» October 11th at 1pm, APM 6402 Joel Spencer Preferential Attachment when Stable Abstract
» October 2nd Yesim Karabulut Unit-graphs and Special Unit-digraphs on Matrix Rings Abstract

» October 3rd Andrzej Dudek Ramsey properties of random graphs and hypergraphs Abstract
» October 10th Craig Timmons Error-Correcting Codes from Finite Geometries Abstract
» October 17th Ian Charlesworth Combinatorics in Free Probability Abstract
» October 24th Jeroen Schillewaert Small maximal independent sets Abstract
» October 31st Gabriel Frieden Promotion and geometric lifting Abstract
» November 7th Andrew Suk Ramsey Numbers : Combinatorial and Geometric Abstract
» November 21st Pawel Pralat Perfect matchings and Hamiltonian cycles in the preferential attachment model Abstract
» December 5th Brendon Rhoades The algebra and geometry of ordered set partitions Abstract
» January 9 at 10am in APM 6402Jang Soo Kim Hook length property of d-complete posets via q-integrals Abstract
» January 9 at 11am in APM 6402Soichi Okada Symplectic Q-functions Abstract
» January 12 at 3pm in APM 6402Radoslav Fulek The Z2 genus of Kuratowski minors Abstract
» February 13 at 2pm in APM 7421Andre Kundgen Nonrepetitive Graph Coloring Abstract
» February 27Dhruv Mubayi Title : Multicolor Sunflowers Abstract
» March 13Gene Kim Distribution of descents in matchings and derangements Abstract
» March 29 4pm, APM 2402Penny Haxell Topological connectedness in combinatorics Abstract
» April 3 9am, APM 6402Yan Zhuang Shuffle-Compatible Permutation Statistics Abstract
» May 15Josh Zahl Breaking the 3/2 barrier for unit distances in three dimensions Abstract
» May 17 3pm APM 6218Mike Tait On the Turán number of theta graphs Abstract