Math 203A Fall 2023


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Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday 11:00-12:20 in APM 5402

Course description

This is the first quarter of the introductory sequence in Algebraic Geometry. We will cover some of Chapters 1 and 2 of Hartshorne's book, as time permits. We will, in particular, define varieties and schemes and their basic properties.


MATH 200 A-B-C


Algebraic Geometry, By Robin Hartshorne


The litterature on Algebraic Geometry is staggering. Here are a few books but you can find many more with some basic google searches.

An invitation to algebraic geometry, by Karen Smith, Lauri Kahanpää, Pekka Kekäläinen, William Traves.
The red book of varieties and schemes, by David Mumford.
Principles of algebraic geometry, by Phillip Griffiths and Joseph Harris.
Complex algebraic surfaces, by Arnaud Beauville.
Algebraic geometry, a first course, by Joseph Harris.
Geometry of Schemes, by David Eisenbud and Joseph Harris.
Algebraic Geometry, An Introduction, by Daniel Perrin.
Algebraic geometry, by Igor Shafarevich.
Introduction to Algebraic Geometry, by Brendan Hassett.
Introduction to commutative algebra, by Michael Atiyah and Ian McDonald.
Commutative algebra, By H. Matsumura.
Commutative Algebra with a view toward algebraic geometry, by David Eisenbud.

Class Notes

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There will be weekly homework assignments (posted below, but subject to change during the quarter). Please submit your homework online to Canvas as a pdf file by the due time and date. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework will normally be due one week after it is assigned, usually on a Friday. On the due date of a homework assignment, Canvas will automatically assign two of you as reviewers for each homework. The reviewers will write comments for the homework that they read. You will have five days, until the Tuesday office hour, to read and comment on the homework that is assigned to you as reviewer. At the Tuesday office hour, we will go over some of the solutions to the homework.

Homework assigments

Homework 1: Due Friday October 6
Chapter 1, Section 1 #1,2,4,5,6

Homework 2: Due Friday October 13
Chapter 1, Section 1 #7,8,9,10 ; Chapter 1, Section 2 #1

Homework 3: Due Friday October 20
Chapter 1, Section 2 #2,6,7,8,10 (optional: #9)

Homework 4: Due Sunday October 29
Chapter 2, Section 1 #1,2,3,4,5

Homework 5: Due Friday November 3
Chapter 2, Section 1 #6,7,8,17,22

Homework 6: Due Monday November 13
Chapter 2, Section 1 #9
Chapter 2, Section 2 #1,2,3,5 (optional: Chapter I Section 3 #6)

Homework 7: Due Friday November 17
Chapter 2, Section 2 #6,7,8,9,12

Homework 8: Due Friday December 01
Chapter 2, Section 3 #1,2,3,4,5

Homework 9: Due Friday December 08
Chapter 2, Section 3, #6,7,8,9,10

Homework 10 (this is also the final exam): Due Sunday December 17
Chapter 2, Section 4, #1,2,3,4,6 (optional: #11 if you want to try something a little harder; Section 32.14 of the Stacks project, on universally closed morphisms, might be helpful for this)

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