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Handouts for "Mathematics in Sports" Freshman seminar

My Research
Bibliography  with some downloadable papers
Interests: enumeration, asymptotics in combinatorics and graph theory, population biology

My Textbooks

  • A Short Course in Discrete Mathematics [LD,UD]*FREE:  old    new (Sets, Equivalence & Order)
  • Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems Analysis [LD,UD]*FREE: old    new (Arithmetic, Logic & Numbers)
  • Foundations of Combinatorics with Applications [UD, BG]*. FREE:  download
  • Introduction to Mathematical Modeling [UD, BG]*, Dover reprint (2000).
  • Mathematical Methods in Artificial Intelligence [UD, BG]*, IEE-CSP Press (1996).  information

*[LD = lower division, UD = upper division, BG = beginning graduate]


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