Math 20D (Lecture A)    Spring 2008

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TEXT: Elementary Differential Equations, 8th edition, by Boyce and DiPrima.


Finals week office hours
6/9 10AM-2PM in AP&M 5412 Chad Wildman will have office hours.
Monday 6/9 7PM in Calc Lab (AP&M B402) Chris Briggs will have a review session.
Regardless of your section, you may attend either or both Monday events.
Thursday 6/12 10AM-12:30 in AP&M 6111 Prof. Bender will have office hours.



pct. what when where
20% text HW Wednesday Noon HW drop box
5% lab HW at next MATLAB CLICS
25% midterm 8 AM, Wed. 4/30/08 Ledden Aud
5% MATLAB exam Thur. 6/5/08 in lab CLICS
45% final 8-11 AM Fri. 6/13/08 Ledden Aud


Q:  What help can I get on my homework without it being called cheating?
A:   See Academic Integrity policy.

Q:  (a) I don't do well on homework because it takes time for me to learn material. or (b)  I had a bad day on the midterm.
       What can I do?
A:  If your homework (resp. midterm) -- but not both -- is low compared to your final and your midterm (resp. homework), I will downgrade its percentage in your grade.  I normally do not make adjustments for a bad final exam.

  I did poorly on (or missed) a homework assignment.  What can I do?
A:  The lowest homework will be dropped. 

Q:  Will I be tested on MatLab?
A:   There is an exam in the lab.  You will not be tested on the midterm or final.