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TEXT:  Foundations of Algorithms  by Neapolitan and Naimipour 
You are expected to read material BEFORE it is lectured on.

You can step through some of the algorithms in the text by going to, clicking on "Algorithms Tutoring Web Page", and choosing an algorithm. (Thanks to Long Huynh, 188 student, Spring 2000.)


Academic Integrity Guidelines
Late homework is normally not accepted.
You may discuss homework, but the writeup should be your own.
Exams are closed book except for one page of notes (both sides) for 2nd and final.
Calculators are allowed.
  15%   homework   due weekly in section (NO LATE HW)
  20%   1st  midterm   4th week on Wed. 4/26 in Center 113
  25%   2nd midterm   8th on Fri. 5/26 in Center 113
  40%   final exam  8AM Wed. 6/14 in TBA

My old exams and solutions.

Q: Wht is the purpose of the course? (Seldom asked, but a good question to ask in any course.)
A: This is explained briefly in the notes on the text.
I did poorly on the ____ "hour" exam, but I did well on everything else. Does this mess up my grade?
A: Probably not.  When I assign course grades, I try to take into account the fact that someone may have had a bad day on ONE of the two "hour" exams.
Q: I did well on my exams but had trouble with homework because it takes me time to learn the material.
A: If you did the homework, but did much poorer on it than on the exams, I'll make allowances.
Q: I did well on my exams, but never bothered to do any homework. Does this mess up my grade?
A: Probably.  The homework is 15% of your grade.
Q: I didn't understand some material in Chapter ___ at first, so I did poorly on that homework.  What can I do?
A: The lowest homework grade is dropped.
Q: Can I be excused from homework ___ because of ___?
A: Homework is excused for reasons similar to those which allow you to get an incomplete in a course; e.g. health problems.  The lowest homework (which is zero for a missing homework) is dropped.