Math 15B   Fall 2001

The quiz during Thanksgiving week has been moved
from the day before Thanksgiving (11/21)
to the Monday before Thanksgiving (11/19).

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TEXT:    Mathematics for Algorithms and System Analysis
by E.A. Bender and S.G.Williamson. text on line  solutions
     You are expected to read material BEFORE it is lectured on.
GRADING AND EXAMS:  Academic Integrity Guidelines for exams

Exams are closed book.  Calculators are NOT allowed.
You may bring a page of notes for exams, but not for quizzes.
   0%   homework   Not handed in or graded.
  25%   quizzes   at end of Wednesday or Friday lecture*
Your ID number needed for quizzes.
  30%   midterm   Fri. 10/26 at 10:10 in Center 214
  45%   final exam   8AM Thursday 12/6 in Center 214
* The lowest quiz will be dropped.

Q: I did poorly on the midterm exam, but I did well on everything else. Does this mess up my grade?
A: Probably not.  When I assign course grades, I try to take into account the fact that someone may have had a bad day.
Q: I did well on my exams but had trouble with quizzes because it takes me more time to learn the material.
A: If you took the quizzes, but did much poorer on them than on the exams, I'll make allowances.
Q: Can I be excused from quiz ___ because of ___?
A: A quiz is excused for reasons similar to those which allow you to get an incomplete in a course; e.g. health problems.  The lowest quiz (which is zero for a missing quiz) is dropped.
Q: I didn't understand some material in Section ___ at first, so I did poorly on that quiz.  What can I do?
A: The lowest quiz grade is dropped.


Help with Mathematical Problems:

Help if Personal Problems Affect Work:  Talk to the professor or your college provost.