Math 20B (Lecture B)  Winter 2008

Since this is a coordinated course, most information can be found on the main course web page.  This page contains only information specific to my section.

Final Exam: Friday 3/21/08 7PM-10PM in Ledden Auditorium

Professor: Ed Bender  lecture: MWF 10-10:50  in  Ledden Auditorium
    Office Hours: Wed 1-2  in  AP&M 6111

TA: Miles Jones sections: Thur. 10AM(B03), 11AM(B04), 1PM(B05)
Office Hours: Mon & Tues 2-3 in AP&M 5412

Some Additional Material On Integration (Ch.7)
(You're not responsible for it.)
The sections mentioned in the pdf files are Stewart, not Rogawski, so ignore them.