Health and Nutrition   I've been gradually collecting information on  health and nutrition  from sources I think are reliable, much of it "alternative."

UC Admissions and Cheating  Current admissions standards award points for claims on student essays, but the claims are not verified.  This seems to me akin to giving an unproctored exam.  Thus, in keeping with admissions policy, it seems to me that faculty should be encouraged to have no proctors at a certain percentage of their undergraduate examinations---the same fraction as the essay in possible admissions points.

Global Warming  It is generally agreed that we are experiencing global warming and that, if it continues, it will have severe consequences.  Some claim that much of the warming is due to a natural cycle rather than human activity and so we should do nothing.  This is backwards.  If it is due primarily or totally to human activity, then mankind can effect changes rather easily.  If it is mostly natural, our efforts must be greater since they will have a smaller impact.  Even so, such actions will almost surely be cost effective in the long run  (if not for us, our children and grandchildren).  Looking to the long run and being concerned about descendants yet unborn is one of the things that should distinguish humans from other animals even though you can't tell it by looking at many politicians and CEOs.

A Stillbirth?  If George W. Bush is a born-again Christian, it looks to me like it was a stillbirth.

Abortion   Some thoughts related to the abortion issue.

Intelligent Design  from a religious viewpoint.

The Enemy Within: examples of activity aimed at undermining our constitution and way of life.

Too Late to be a Mole  A generation ago, one might wonder if George W. Bush was a clever mole for the Soviet Union.   After all, our international relations are a mess thanks to the adminstration's actions, even though we had a lot of good will after 9/11.  Domestically it's even worse.  Of course, there's the attack on our freedoms in the false name of security.  But things are worse than that.  The way the rich are being treated versus the poor looks like a design to encourage class warfare:  adminstrative tinkering to weaken Head Start, Earned Income Tax Credit, school meal programs and others as well as up-front attacks that require Congressional approval such as tax cuts and the Medicare drug benefits for the drug industry and HMOs.

Gardening   A few brief notes on my experiences gardening in San Diego.