Math 20C (lecture A)   Winter 2008

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Professor: Ed Bender  AP&M 6111
    Office Hours: Wed 1-2    Finals Week: Tues 10AM-1PM

TA: Anna Bertiger  AP&M 6331
    Office Hours: Wed 10-11 (also in CalcLab W10-11)

TA: Anna Shustrova  AP&M 5801
    Office Hours: Wed 3-4 (also in CalcLab M3-5)
    [She has Math20A hours Wed 4-5, so you can get help then if there are not 20A students.]

TEXT:  Calculus -- Early Transcendentals by Stewart (5th edition)
You are expected to read material BEFORE it is lectured on.
GRADING AND EXAMS:  Academic Integrity Guidelines for homework and exams

Exams are closed book except for a page of notes.
Calculators are NOT allowed.
 % grade   Material                        When     Where
   5%  homework   In section or HW box (NO LATE HW) Section or HW Box
  25%  1st exam   Mon 1/28 during lecture hour  Ledden Auditorium
  25%  2nd exam   Fri 2/22 during lecture hour  Ledden Auditorium
  45%  final exam   11:30-2:30 Wed. 3/19  Ledden Auditorium


Help with Mathematical Problems:

Help if Personal Problems Affect Work:  Talk to the professor or your college provost.


HOMEWORK: Due in section.
What if I have to miss my section someday?
A: Either have a friend hand in your homework or make arrangements with your TA to hand it in at another time.
Q: What if I miss a homework assignment?
A: The lowest homework will be dropped.
Q: I think a homework problem was graded unfairly, what should I do?
A: You can take it to your TA, but it's not worth the effort, since lecture homework is 5% of your grade.

GRADING:  25% each "hour" exam + 45% final exam + 5% homework
Q: I did poorly on the ____ "hour" exam, but I did well on everything else. Does this mess up my grade?
A: Probably not.  When I assign course grades, I try to take into account the fact that someone may have had a bad day on ONE of the two "hour" exams.
Q: I know how to do this type of problem, I just {misread it}/{made an algebra error}/{forgot how to integrate}/{et cetera} shouldn't I get more credit?
A: Probably not.