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bulletThe first 560 pages of my analysis book for Math 240 as it stands now may be downloaded by clicking here  for a PDF with 2 pages / page and here for full-size pages. The book is still not completely polished so please use some caution.


bulletAppendix A (Taylor's theorem and such.)
bulletAppendix B  (Zorn's Lemma) 



This page contains lecture notes for Math 240A -- Bruce Driver's real analysis. The notes are in PDF format. Click on the link to get the desired file(s).

bullet Lecture Notes: Chapters 1- 2b.    (Revised 1/4/02)
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter 3c.        (Revised 1/4/02)
bullet            B. L. T. supplement
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter4d          (Revised 1/4/02)
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter 5c         (Revised 1/4/02)
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter 6b         (Revised 1/4/02)
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter 7b          (Revised 1/4/02)
bulletLecture_Notes: chapter 8b           (Revised 1/18/02: Fixed Theorem 8.16 and Exercise 8.10 
                                                                              and added proof to Theorem 8.39.)
bulletChapter 8 addition                     (This contains some missing parts of the proof of 
                                                Proposition 8.29 -- Alexanderov's one point compactification results.
bulletLecture_Notes: /chapter9
bulletLecture_Notes: chapter10
bulletChapter 10 Addendum:
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapters 11-12 
bullet        Chapter 11  fix.   (Get the corrections to two of the homework problems here.)
bulletLecture notes: Chapters 13-14.
bulletLecture notes: Chapters 15.
bulletLecture notes: Chapters 16.
bulletLecture notes  Chapters 17
bulletLecture notes  Chapters 18
    Get some corrections to p. 347 - 349 of lecture notes:   chapter18_corrections


Old Versions of Notes:

bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter 3old. (Old Version)
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter 4. (Old Version)
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter4b (Revised 10/23/01)
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter5
bullet Lecture Notes: Chapters 1- 2. (Revised slightly on 9/28/01)
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter 3b. Revised and expanded. 
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter4c (Revised 11/9/01: Old Lemma 4.35 has been corrected!)
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter 5b (Revised 11/9/01: Mostly only minor errors corrected.)
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter 6
bulletLecture_Notes: Chapter7
bulletLecture_Notes: chapter8






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