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CV of Nolan Wallach (Aug. 2011) 

Errata for Geoemtric Invariant Theory over the real and complex numbers revised 2/27/2018

Lie Theory and its Applications, UCSD 3/18-21

Representations and Invariants of Classical Groups Homepage

Symmetry,Representations and Invariants Homepage

Recent Preprints, etc.

Some hard to get Reprints, etc.

Hilbert series 4-qubits computations.

Lectures on basic representation theory given in Hong Kong (PDF file)

Errata for the above through p.18

Introductory lectures on Automorphic Forms given at the EU Summer School in Luminy, 2001(PDF file)

Introductory lectures on Automorphic Forms given at the EU Summer School in Luminy, 2001(PS file)

Below is a revision of my Venice notes on quantum computation. In particular the discussion of Shor's algorithm is completely redone in detail following his original ideas. Also there is a bit more discussion of the quantum Fourier transform.

Lectures on quantum computing Venice C.I.M.E. June, 2004(Updated April 2013)

The decomposition of the space of curvature operators. July,2007

Beamer lecture at Monte Verita September 2009:A tale of four simple groups over R

Beamer Lecture on "Levels of Entaglement"

Beamer lecture on Entanglement and Geoetric Invariant Theory (Varadarajan confrence 11-7-2014)

Beamer lecture on A Dynamical System Related To GIT, In Honor of Roger Howe's 70th Birthday June, 2015

The 2015 Jaqueline B. Lewis Lectures: Applicable Geoemetric Invariant Theory

Below is a link to a zip file containing code that implements the main results in "On the Hilbert polynomials and Hilbert series of homogeneous projective varieties" by B.Gross and N.Wallach. (A .pdf file can be downloaded from the link above to Recent Preprints.)

The file README.txt contains instructions.

Zip file of Mathematica Code, November, 2007



Course Material:

Math 207a Winter 2018

Old Course Material:

Math 207a Winter 2015

Math 259a Fall 2013

Math 259 Spring 2012 Geometry of Physics

Math 251 Winter 2011 Lie Groups

Math 250A Fall 2010 Differential Geometry

Math 207C Spring 2010 Geometric Invariant Theory.

Math 200C Spring 2010.

Math 104B Winter 2009

Math 104A Fall 2008

Math 109 Fall 2007

Math 203AB Fall-Winter 2006-7

Math 100a Fall 2003.

Problem set Math 204 Fall 1999.

Math 21C Fall 1999