Teaching at UCSD

In Winter 2023, I am teaching Math 180A, Introduction to Probability.
In Fall 2022, I taught Math 10B, Calculus II.
In Spring 2022, I taught Math 154, Discrete Math & Graph Theory.
In Winter 2022, I taught Math 20A, Calculus I (Science and Engineering).
In Fall 2021, I taught Math 180A, Introduction to Probability.

Teaching at MIT

I served as a teaching assistant for Probability and Random Variables (18.600) in Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Fall 2018, and Fall 2017, and for Principles of Discrete Applied Mathematics (18.200) in Spring 2018 (shameless self promotion: you can read my teaching evaluations here). I also served as the primary instructor of the short-term "make-up" section of Single Variable Calculus (18.01) in IAP 2019.

Other teaching and outreach

In summer 2016, 2017, and 2018, I served at √mathroots at MIT, as assistant director the first year, and as program director the following two years. I also served as a mentor in the Directed Reading Program at MIT in IAP 2016, and as an undergraduate, I did some tutoring and was a math department peer advisor at UC Davis.