Research papers

Here is a link to the arXiv versions of my papers.

The Random Turán Problem for Theta Graphs
With Sam Spiro

The number of colorings of the middle layers of the Hamming cube
With Lina Li and Jinyoung Park

On the zeroes of hypergraph independence polynomials
With David Galvin, Will Perkins, Mihail Sarantis, and Prasad Tetali

Maximum entropy and integer partitions
To appear in Combinatorial Theory
With Will Perkins and Marcus Michelen

Resilience of the rank of random matrices
Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing (2020)
With Asaf Ferber and Kyle Luh

Superlogarithmic cliques in dense inhomogeneous random graphs
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics (2019)

Supersaturated sparse graphs and hypergraphs
International Mathematics Research Notices (2018)
With Asaf Ferber and Wojciech Samotij

Additionally, as an undergraduate at UC Davis (Go Ags!), I wrote a senior thesis:

A Problem in Card Shuffling
Undergraduate Thesis, UC Davis (2015)

Slides from research talks:

Coloring the Middle Layers of the Hamming Cube
AMS Fall Western Sectional Meeting
October 2022

Counting integer partitions with the method of maximum entropy
Women in Combinatorics Virtual Colloquium
October 2020

Super-logarithmic cliques in dense inhomogeneous random graphs
PhD Seminar on Combinatorics, Games and Optimisation
London School of Economics, May 2019

Counting H-free graphs for bipartite H
Mathematical Congress of the Americas
Montreal, Canada, July 2017

Additionally, here are notes and a video from a "chalk talk" that I gave online for a student seminar at the University of Chile (please excuse any Spanish errors!).

Un problema sobre el barajado de cartas (video)
Seminario de Estudiantes
Mathematics Department, University of Chile, July 2020 (online)

For a full list of presentations, see my CV.