Math 154
Graph Theory

Spring 2022

Instructor: Gwen McKinley (
Course email address:

Office hours:

Note: the finals week office hours schedule is a little different, and has been emailed to the class.

Lectures: 5pm on MWF, in Ledden Auditorium
Discussion sections: Tuesdays

Course information

For information on grading, textbook, acommodations, and more: see the Course Syllabus.

Due dates: here is a master calendar of all homework due dates and quiz and exam dates, as well as a tentative lecture schedule.

Quizzes: There will be three Canvas quizzes, held on the following dates:

Exams: There will be one in-person midterm exam and an in-person final exam, on the following dates:


Weekly homework assignments will be posted here. Homework is due by 11:59pm on Thursdays, through Gradescope. The due dates are also listed on the master calendar of assignments.
Note: there may be some slight changes to the assigments posted below (e.g., shifting a problem to a later homework), but each assgnment will be finalized no later than one week before its due date.