I got my Ph.D. under supervision of Gregory Margulis, from Yale university. He and Alex Lubotzky had a great influence on my mathematical work.

I was a Veblen research instructor, from Sep 2006-Jun 2009, in the Mathematics department , Princeton University and Institute for Advanced Study.

I was an Assistant Professor, from July 2009-Jun 2011, in the Mathematics department, Princeton University. During this time, I also served as a placement officer, which means I helped students (mostly freshmen, sophomore and students from local high schools) to find a course which is challenging enough for them.

I was an Assistant Professor, from July 2011-Jun 2015, in UCSD.

I was an Associate Professor, from July 2015-Jun 2019, in UCSD.

My research is partially funded by NSF grants DMS-1602137 and DMS-1902090.

Misc. Publication