Clay Mathematics Institute      National Science Foundation

June 22-26, 2004

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


All talks except the opening remarks are scheduled for a 20 minute presentation plus 5 minutes of questions and 5 minutes of break.

The conference talks will be held in building 54 (the Green building, the tallest building on campus) every day except Friday. There are front and back entrances to 54-100 from different staircases. On most days, we will also have access to a lounge on the 9th floor with a reasonable view and lots of seating space. There are also benches outside the building.

On Friday, the conference will be held in 34-101. The main entrance to 34-101 is off of Vassar Street. Please do not arrive late for talks in 34-101 as the entrance is under the overhead projector screen. (Well, please don't be late regardless, but especially on Friday.)

Download the program and abstract booklet here.
Tuesday, June 22 (room 54-100)
8:00 am  Registration and continental breakfast
9:00 am David VoganOpening remarks
9:15 am Jim ProppRichard Stanley and combinatorial reciprocity
9:45 am Bruce SaganMonomial Bases for NBC Complexes
10:15 am  Coffee break
11:00 am Tom RobyThe Lattice of Threshold Graphs and Split Graphs
11:30 am David WagnerRemarks on one combinatorial application of the Aleksandrov-Fenchel inequalities
Noon  Lunch break
2:00 pm Igor PakRigidity and polynomial invariants of convex polytopes
2:30 pm Timothy Y. ChowPerfect matching conjectures and their relationship to P NP
3:00 pm Herbert S. WilfThe method of characteristics, and a conjecture of Graham, Knuth and Patashnik
3:30 pm  Coffee break
4:00 pm Ira GesselP-Partitions and Stirling Numbers
4:30 pm Curtis GreeneWords avoiding a reflexive acyclic relation
Wednesday, June 23 (room 54-100)
8:00 am  Registration and continental breakfast
9:00 am William Y. C. ChenLabelling Schemes for 2-Motzkin Paths
9:30 am Robert A. Proctord-Complete posets generalize Young diagrams for the hook product formula
10:00 am David J. GrabinerAsymptotics for the Distributions of Subtableaux in Young and Up-Down Tableaux
10:30 am  Coffee break
11:00 am Sara BilleyIntersecting Schubert Varieties
11:30 am Takayuki HibiCommutative Algebra after Richard Stanley
Noon  Lunch break
2:00 pm Mark SkanderaSchur nonnegativity and the Bruhat order
2:30 pm John StembridgeTight quotients and double quotients in the Bruhat order
3:00 pm  Coffee break
4:00 pm Art DuvalA Relative Laplacian spectral recursion
4:30 pm Victor ReinerReciprocal domains and Cohen-Macaulay d-complexes in Rd
6:30 pm  Banquet at Marriott in Kendall Square
Thursday, June 24 (room 54-100)
8:00 am  Registration and continental breakfast
9:00 am Glenn TeslerReconstructing the Genomic Architecture of Ancestral Mammals
9:30 am Federico ArdilaThe Bergman complex of a matroid and phylogenetic trees
10:00 am Caroline KlivansThe Positive Bergman Complex of an Oriented Matroid
10:30 am  Coffee break
11:00 am Adriano M. GarsiaOn the m-quasi-invariants of S3
11:30 am Peter McNamaraCylindric Schur Functions
Noon  Lunch break
2:00 pm Gabor HetyeiOrthogonal polynomials represented by CW-spheres
2:30 pm Louis J. BilleraCW-spheres from meet-distributive lattices
Friday, June 25 (room 34-101)
8:00 am  Registration and continental breakfast
9:00 am Bo-Yin YangA Study in XL
9:30 am Emden R. GansnerHow to Draw a Graph
10:00 am Karen L. CollinsGraph Homomorphisms and Graph Cores
10:30 am  Coffee break
11:00 am Julian WestPerfect matching graphs for Gale-Robinson sequences
11:30 am Francesco BrentiSpecial matchings and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials
Noon  Lunch break
2:00 pm Neil L. WhiteLagrangian Matroids
2:30 pm Patricia HershChains of modular elements
3:00 pm Anders BjörnerGeometrically constructed homology bases for certain partition lattices
4:00 pm  Ping-pong tournament (in Dupont)
Saturday, June 26 (room 54-100)
8:00 am  Registration and continental breakfast
9:00 am Dominique FoataWord and permutation statistics
9:30 am Einar SteingrímssonDecreasing subsequences in permutations and Wilf equivalence for involutions
10:00 am Miklos BonaWhy one pattern is easier to avoid than another one
10:30 am  Coffee break
11:00 am Alexander PostnikovPermutohedra, associahedra, and beyond
11:30 am Sergey FominCluster algebras of classical type
Noon  Lunch break
2:00 pm Christos AthanasiadisEhrhart polynomials, simplicial polytopes and magic squares
2:30 pm Lynne ButlerOn the area of cyclic polygons
3:00 pm  Coffee break
4:00 pm Daniel J. KleitmanPartitioning a Planar Graph into a Forest and Something Else
4:30 pm Richard StanleyProblems I couldn't solve
5:00 pm  Adjourn

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