Clay Mathematics Institute      National Science Foundation

June 22-26, 2004

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Submit titles and abstracts

Title and abstract submission is now closed.
If you are an invited speaker, then as soon as possible, please fill out and submit the online form with information about whether or not you will be giving a talk, whether there are any restrictions on what day you can speak, and the tentative title (or general subject area) of your talk, so that we can begin preparing the schedule. We would like this information by May 7, 2004 at the latest. If you don't have your abstract ready now, you can submit it later, but please submit it by June 4, 2004. All talks will be scheduled for 20 minutes plus 5 minutes of questions.

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Note to speakers on audiovisual equipment

The room is equipped with
  • 3 sets of blackboards, each with panels that slide up and down.
  • 2 screens.
  • An overhead projector (a second can be brought in on request); the projector is on the side, so a talk may use both a projector and a blackboard.
  • A data projector. However, there is no laptop or other computer in the room so you must bring your own laptop if needed for your talk. MIT will not provide you internet access, so if you plan to show web pages, applets, etc., you should load them onto your laptop in advance.

   Last updated: June 7, 2004