Math 120A

Math 120A

(Winter 2013)

"Mathematics is the search for beauty and truth at the same time."
-- Bertrand Russell --

"Surely to the unpreoccupied mind, complex numbers are far from natural or simple and they cannot be suggested by physical observations. Furthermore, the use of complex numbers ... comes close to being a necessity in the formulation of the laws of quantum mechanics. Finally, it now begins to appear that not only complex numbers but so-called analytic functions are destined to play a decisive role in the formulation of quantum theory. I am referring to the rapidly developing theory of dispersion relations. It is difficult to avoid the impression that a miracle confronts us here..."

-- Eugene Wigner (1960) --

(Wigner won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1963)

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Weekly homework (hw) is due by Friday noon. It may be turned in at the TA's hw box or at Thursday's Section. The hw box is located in the basement of APM, and has the names James Pascoe and Ron Evans on it. The first hw set is due by Friday noon, January 11, 2013. Write neatly, preferably no more than one problem per page, with pages stapled in order. Feel free to collaborate on hw, but write up your own solutions. Copying hw of others is not permitted.

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All exams are closed book. Do your own work on exams--academic dishonesty is taken very seriously.
You must have bluebooks for all exams, including the final.

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Complex Variables, 8th edition, by Brown and Churchill

We plan to cover the first six chapters, skipping a few sections along the way.

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