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Professor Bo Li
Department of Mathematics
and Ph.D. Program in Quantitative Biology
University of California, San Diego

Selected Recent Publications and Preprints (click here for a full list of publications)

  • Y. Zhang, A. Cloninger, B. Li, and X. Tian, A neural network kernel decomposition for learning multiple steady states in parameterized dynamical system, 2023 (submitted; preprint).
  • H. Kannan, P. Sun, M. Warren, T. Caglar, P. Yao, B. R. Taylor, K. Sahu, D. Ge, M. Mori, D. Kleinfeld, J. Dong, B. Li, and T. Hwa, Spatiotemporal development of growth and death zones in expanding bacterial colonies driven by emergent nutrient dynamics, 2023 (submitted; (preprint at bioRxiv)
  • Z. Huang and B. Li, Variational implicit solvation with Legendre-transformed Poisson-Boltzmann elecrtrostatics, Proc. R. Soc. A, 480:20230731. preprint).
  • S. Liu, L.-T. Cheng, and B. Li, Cell polarity and movement with reaction-diffusion and moving boundary: Rigorous modeling and robust simulations, SIAM J. Applied Math, S515-S537, 2023.
  • S. Liu, Z. Zhang, H.-B. Cheng, L.-T. Cheng, and B. Li, Explicit-solute implicit-solvent molecular simulation with binary level-set, adaptive-mobility, and GPU, J. Comput. Phys., 472, 111673, 2023. (Preprint)
  • B. Li, Z. Zhang, and S. Zhou, The calculus of boundary variations and the dielectric boundary force in the Poisson-Boltzmann theory for molecular solvation, J. Nonlinear Sci., 31:89, pp. 1-50, 2021. (Preprint)
  • S. Zhou, Y. Zhang, L.-T. Cheng, and B. Li, Prediction of multiple dry-wet transition pathways with a mesoscale variational approach, J. Chem. Phys., 155, 124110, 2021. (Preprint)
  • B. Ciotti and B. Li, Passing from discrete to continuum models of electrostatic energy, SIAM J. Math. Anal., 53(4), 4568-4604, 2021. (Published version - permission and copyright of SIAM.)
  • C. Fan, B. Li, and M. White, A generalized Rayleigh-Plesset equation for ions with solvent fluctuations, SIAM J. Applied Math, 81:3, 1098-1115, 2021. (Published version - permission and copyright of SIAM.)
  • Z. Zhang, C. Ricci, C. Fan, L.-T. Cheng, B. Li, and J. A. McCammon, Coupling Monte Carlo, variational implicit solvation, and binary level-set for simulations of biomolecular binding, J. Chem. Theory Comput., 17, 2465-2478, 2021. (Preprint)
  • S. Zhou, R. G. Weiss, L.-T. Cheng, J. Dzubiella, J. A. McCammon*, and B. Li*, Variational implicit-solvent predictions of the dry-wet transition pathways for ligand-receptor binding and unbinding kinetics, Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA, 116:30, 14989-14994, 2019. (*: Corresponding authors.) (Main text. SI. A related presentation.)
  • M. Warren, H. Sun, Y. Yan, J. Cremer, B. Li*, and T. Hwa*, Spatiotemporal establishment of dense bacterial colonies growing on hard agar, eLife, 8:e41093, 2019. (*: Corresponding authors.) (Open access. A related presentation.)
  • B. Ciotti and B. Li, Legendre transforms of electrostatic free-energy functionals, SIAM J. Applied Math., 78(6), 2973-2995, 2018. (Published version - permission and copyright of SIAM.)
  • S. Dai, B. Li, and J. Lu, Convergence of phase-field free energy and boundary force for molecular solvation, Arch. Rational Mech. Anal., 227(1), 105-147, 2018. (Preprint. A related presentation.)
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