Workshop von Neumann algebras and ergodic theory

UCLA, September 22nd-26th, 2014

Organized by Adrian Ioana, Jesse Peterson, Sorin Popa and Dima Shlyakhtenko


This is the fourth workshop in a series: UCLA/March 2007, UCLA/May 2009 and UCLA/May 2012. The aim is to bring together several people interested in the areas of von Neumann Algebras/Group Theory/Orbit Equivalence Ergodic Theory/Borel Classification.

List of invited participants:

V. Alekseev (Gottingen U), R. Boutonnet (UCSD), I. Chifan (U of Iowa), L. Bowen (UT Austin), B. Hayes (UCLA),
Y. Isono (Kyoto), A. Kechris (CalTech), D. Kerr (Texas AM), Y. Kida (Kyoto), F. Le Maitre (ENS Lyon),
H. Li (SUNY at Buffalo), A. Marks (CalTech), N. Ozawa (RIMS Kyoto), H. Sako (Niigata U), M. de la Salle (ENS Lyon),
T. Sinclair (UCLA), M. Takesaki (UCLA), R. Tucker-Drob (Rutgers U), S. Vaes (K.U. Leuven).

Full list of participants

Schedule: all talks will be held in MS 6627

Here are the workshop schedule (also in pdf) and the list of all titles and abstracts of talks.

Workshop dinner:

We will be having a dinner for all the workshop participants on Thursday (Sept. 25th) evening at 6:30pm. The dinner will be held at the Sunnin Lebanese Cafe , which is on Westwood Blvd, close to the intersection with Santa Monica Blvd. To get to Sunnin, one can either walk (for roughly 30 minutes) or take one of the BigBlueBluses 1, 8 or 12 from UCLA to the intersection of Westwood Blvd with Santa Monica Blvd.

Support and practical information:

The workshop is partially supported by funds from the NSF, the Sloan Foundation, and the Kristyn Yuki Takesaki Lagae Endowed Fund, established in 2004 by Masamichi Takesaki. Participants are expected to make their own hotel arrangements. Some hotels around UCLA to consider are Tiverton House, UCLA Guest House, Royal Palace, Claremont Hotel, Hilgard House.