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Lecture Information
Instructor:  Adam Bowers
Time:  1:00p-1:50p (MWF)
Location:  APM B402A
Email:  abowers

Discussion Section Information
TA:  Eva Loeser
Time:  1:00p-1:50p (Th)
Location:  APM B412
Email:  ehloeser

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Final Exam:  06/13/2019   Th  11:30a-2:29p   Location: APM B402A

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Third quarter of honors integrated linear algebra/multivariable calculus sequence for well-prepared students. Topics include: change of variables formula, integration of differential forms, exterior derivative, generalized Stoke’s theorem, conservative vector fields, potentials.

REQUIRED TEXT: Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach, by John H. Hubbard & Barbara Burke Hubbard. Matrix Editions; 5th edition (2015).

Office Hours

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