Lecture Instructor Time (MWF) Room
A00 Adam Bowers 11:00a-11:50a PETER 110
B00 Leesa Anzaldo 12:00p-12:50p REMOTE
C00 Muzhi Jin 2:00p-2:50p MOS 0113

For lecture-specific information, such as instructor and TA contact information, visit the Canvas page for your lecture.

We will be using the following online tools to help with the success of the course.

Textbook Information

The required textbook for the course is OpenStax: Calculus, Volume 1, by Strang, Herman, et al. This book is freely available online. We will study Chapters 1-4 of the textbook in this course. A list of the topics scheduled to be covered can be found on the course calendar.

You can buy a physical copy of the textbook in the UC San Diego Bookstore or you can get a physical copy from Amazon for a reasonable price. However, the book was designed to be a free electronic book, and it can be accessed that way directly from OpenStax. Please be aware that you will also need access to the Edfinity online homework system, which you will access through Canvas. You can buy access directly from Edfinity (for one quarter) for $29.

Exam Information

In this course, there will be three midterm exams and a final exam. The exams will be held synchronously. That means that you have to take them at the scheduled time. The dates of the midterm exams, as listed in the Schedule of Classes and the course calendar, together with the topics of each midterm exam are:

You will be given exactly 60 minutes to complete your exam in Gradescope (50 minutes for the exam and 10 minutes as a buffer against technology issues) and will be provided a two-hour window within which to do so. (The two-hour exam window will be 6:00-8:00 pm Pacific Time.) There will be no makeup exams nor will exams be offered at alternate times. However, we will offer a no-fault final exam that may be used to replace a midterm exam. (See Canvas for more information.)

The Final Exam will be offered through Canvas Quizzes. The date of the exam, as listed in the Schedule of Classes and the course calendar is

The final exam is synchronous and will be given using Canvas Quizzes. You will be given two hours to complete the exam and will be provided a three-hour window within which to take the final exam. The exam will be available at the time listed in the Schedule of Classes (which is 11:30a-2:29p on Saturday, March 12). The final exam is cumulative and may include any topic from the course. (Because the final exam is given through Canvas quizzes, the final exam will have questions similar to those found in the weekly quizzes.)

Sample Exams

The following are examples of what exams looked like in a past version of this course. They are NOT practice exams. They will differ in form and content from the exams given this term. (In fact, they will significantly differ in form.) These sample exams are based on exams given in an actual course a few quarters ago.

In particular, these exams were given in-person (as opposed to remote) and there were two midterms and a final exam. We will be doing things differently. We will have three one-hour remote midterm exams and our final exam will be a two-hour Canvas quiz.

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