About Me

I am a 6th year Ph. D. student in Mathematics at University of California San Diego. My advisor is professor Jiawang Nie. In 2017, I got my B.S. in Mathematics at City University of Hong Kong. My research interests lie in tensor decomposition, tensor approximation, machine learning, and data science. Here are my CV and my Research Statement.

Research Papers

  • "Higher Order Correlation Analysis for Multi-View Learning." Joint with J. Nie and L. Wang. Pacific Journal of Optimization , to appear, 2022. [arXiv]
  • "Low Rank Tensor Decompositions And Approximations." Joint with J. Nie and L. Wang. arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.09490 (2022). [arXiv]
  • "Generating Polynomials And Tensor CP Decompositions." Joint with J. Nie and Z. Yang. In preparation.

Teaching Experiences


  • Math 20A: Calculus/Science Engineering. Summer 2022, UCSD
  • Math 10A: Calculus I. Fall 2021, UCSD
  • Teaching Assistant:

  • Math 3C Precalculus, Math 18 Linear Algebra, Math 20C Calculus III (Vector Calculus), Math 20E Vector Calculus, Math 102 Applied Linear Algebra, MATH 170A Intro Numerical Analysis/Linear, MATH 170B Intro/Numerical Analysis/Approximation, MATH 171B Intro Numerical Optimization/Nonlinear, MATH 174 Numerical Methods/Physical Modeling, Math 180A Introduction to Probability, MATH 183 Statistical Methods.