4. For Admitted Authors
4.1 Accepted Papers
The conference proceedings are available online here: http://www.springerlink.com/content/nh023504q035/
4.1.1 Regular Papers
We have accepted 31 regular papers.
4.1.2 Short Papers
We have accepted 30 short papers.
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4.2 Copyright Form
The copyright form is available from Springer LNCS here. It is also available at the file link below. (Note: Volume Editors: Xiaotie Deng and Fan Chung Graham)
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4.3 Final Version Preparation
The attached document is very important. Please read it carefully.
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4.4 Invitation Letter
Some authors may need an invitation letter to obtain a VISA to USA. In this case, please use your academic email address to send the following information to Miss. Anna Tan (amtan@math.ucsd.edu ) to request for an invitation letter.
(1) Your name
(2) Your affiliation
(3) Your address
(4) Which conferences do you want to attend
(5) The titles of your papers accepted in the conference, whether you are going to present each of them
4.5 Conference Proceedings
There are limited number of printed copies of the conference proceedings. The distribution policy is as follows:
(1) If a person presents one or more papers in the conference, then he will get one copy.
(2) People who do not attend the conference get no copies.
(3) Other copies are freely distributed in a first come first served manner during the conference.
(4) Normally, each person can get at most one copy.