Scotty Tilton's Website

Email: stilton "at" ucsd "dot" edu

Office: AP&M 6414

I am a second year math Ph.D. student at U.C. San Diego. My interests are currently in Algebraic Topology.

I am also the Math Graduate Student Council Events Committee co-chair with Weiwei Wu.



University of California-San Diego
Math 20C - Calculus and Analytic Geometry for Science and Engineering Fall 2021 Student Evaluations
Math 20E - Vector Calculus Summer II 2021 Student Evaluations
Math 191 - Topics In Topology: Intro To Knot Theory Spring 2021 Student Evaluations
Math 10A - Calculus I Winter 2021 Student Evaluations
Math 10A - Calculus I Fall 2020 Student Evaluations
Montana State University-Bozeman
M171 - Calculus I Spring 2020 Student Evaluations
M171 - Calculus I Fall 2019 Student Evaluations
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Seminars I'm Attending


Date Title Location Extra
November 2021 Introduction to Spectra I UCSD Top. Seminar Slides
April 2021 Stratified Spaces and Grassmannians Augustana University Video,
February 2021 Stay at (co)home: Links, Blowups, and Grass, man. UCSD ZFT Seminar abstract,
Prezi Slides,

Miscellaneous FUN!

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