Vertex critical graphs with many extra edges

A graph is said to be vertex critical if the deletion of any vertex decreases the chromatic number by \( 1\).

In addition, a vertex critical graph with chromatic number \( k\) is said to be a \( k\)-vertex-critical graph.

Problem (proposed by Erdös [2])

For each \(k \geq 4\), is there some positive function \(f_k\) tending to infinity so that there exists a graph \(G\) on \(n\) vertices which is \(k\)-vertex-critical but with \(\chi(G -A) = k\) for any set \(A\) of at most \(f_k(n)\) edges?

In [2] Erdös asked: ``If there is such an \( f_k\), how fast can it grow?"

Brown [1] gave an example of a \( 5\)-vertex-critical graph with no critical edges. Recently, Jensen [3] showed that for any \( m\) and any \( k \geq 5\), there exists a \( k\)-vertex-critical graph such that the chromatic number is not decreased after deleting any \( m\) edges all incident to a common vertex.

Lattanzio [4] constructed \( k\)-vertex critical graphs with no critical edges for every non-prime integer \( k > 5\)

Further, in 2009, J. Wang [5] show that any \( k\)-vertex-critial graph without any critical edge generates an infinite family of \( k\)-vertex-critical graphs.

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