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and is called Sets Equivalence and Order

A Short Course in Discrete Mathematics
Edward A. Bender & S. Gill Williamson

Dover (2005) ISBN 0-486-43946-1
240 pages

Intended audience: Sophomores.  This is the first quarter of a 2 quarter sequence.
Background: Some familiarity with calculus is assumed but is not essential.

Comments and errata are appreciated.

Text for next course:
Mathematics for Algorithm and System Analysis by E. A. Bender & S. G. Williamson

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ps pdf    Title page and Table of Contents  (5 pp.)  (116 kb, 69 kb)
ps pdf    Unit SF: Sets and Functions  (32 pp.)  (1,076 kb, 330 kb)
ps pdf   Unit BF: Boolean Functions and Computer Arithmetic  (25 pp.)  (1,745 kb, 251 kb)
ps pdf    Unit Lo: Logic  (25 pp.)  (341 kb, 249 kb)
ps pdf    Unit NT: Number Theory and Cryptography  (28 pp.)  (377 kb, 299 kb)
ps pdf    Unit IS: Induction and Sequences*  (33 pp.)  (875 kb, 347 kb)
ps pdf    Unit EO: Equivalence and Order  (36 pp.)  (1,234 kb, 362 kb)
ps pdf    Indexes  (10 pp.)  (145 kb, 96 kb)

ps pdf    Solutions (47 pp.)  (4,416 kb, 440 kb)

*The material on sequences and series in Unit IS is not central to the course.  It is used to introduce limits.