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 Tamar's PGP
 how to use PGP
 Tamar's PGP

These are instructions on how to install PGP

    1) Go to http://bs.mit.edu:8001/pgp-form.html scroll to the bottom of the page. Promise them you will not use it for a world take over. Actually just switch all the no's to yes and press submit.


    2) Select the version 

    (*For Windows '95 and NT: PGP Freeware 5.0 Installer for Windows '95 and NT (3.7 Megabytes) Note: This version makes use of RSAREF (c) RSA Data Security. This is the version I will be using to show you the system.


    3)It will ask you where to save your PGP, remember where you saved it. And move on.

    4)Open your new PGP on your desktop. It will ask you for a series of things. I will give you the answers. (hopefully)

    5)Do not use this program with anything other than the net open. Yes in knows. (I tested). [next]

    6)Always accept anything they want you to. [accept]

    7)It put in my name for me it may or may not do this for you. If not put it in yourself, don't worry about the #thing, you do not need it. [next]

    8)Make sure you put it in a directory that you can find [next]

    9)You need everything, except you should either choose Eudora or outlook, for which ever you have. Yes you may need the manual. [next]

    10) Same as the previous screen [next]

    11) It will install Wait

    12)Press [no]. If you are reading this you do not have your own key.

    13) After the key wizard makes your key [next]

    14) Enter your name and email for which you wish to use PGP.

    15) Choose 1536bits diffie/Hellman, the only problem with the choice is that you can only send encrypted messages to other people who have made the same bit choice, I think. I have had tech trouble in this area (note: I will investigate more).

    16) [Never expires]  well some things are forever.


    18)Now it is convenient that you are online. Select [send my key to the keyserver now]

    19) So far all the literature indicates that this web of trust thing is very safe. Trust implies that I need to trust someone else, my verdict is not in yet. So far they say that the web of trust is coded such that you have a key to get to your key on the web, something like that. Three hours of reading latter and I still can't find the skinny on it. (Note: I will return with more in-depth analysis, as it becomes available.)

    The next page I make will be instruction on how to use your personal PGP, but for now you will see that you have option available to you on the right lower hand of your screen on the start bar. you can use this to incode your clipboard.

    next page should be published by next week. I intend this to be a growing site.

    (warning this site will move so be prepared for a new address in the next few weeks.)

    Thank you



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