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Lecture A Information

Instructor:   Adam Bowers
Time:   10:00-10:50 am (MWF)
Location:   PETER 108
Email:   abowers
Office Hours: (click here)

TA Information

Sections TA Email Meeting Room
A01, A02 Sohyeon Park sop009 SOLIS 109
A03 Buzhou Feng bufeng SOLIS 109
A04, A05 Xuyu Zhang xuz131 SOLIS 111
A06 Haiyu Huang hah019 SOLIS 109
A07, A08 Satish Matti skmatti SOLIS 109
A09, A10 Xuyu Zhang xuz131 SOLIS 109
A11 Ziyi Liang zil079 APM 2402

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Office Hours

This calendar includes lecture times, office hours, and review session times (if any). See the Schedule of Classes for discussion section times.

*The Calculus Lab is in AP&M B402 (which is in the basement of AP&M).