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Lecture A Information

Instructor:   Adam Bowers
Time:   9:00-9:50 am (MWF)
Location:   WLH 2001
Contact:   (click here)

TA Information

TA Sections Email Meeting Room
Yujie Xu A01, A02 yux160 TM102 1
Jiaxi Nie A03, A04 jin019 TM102 1
Haiyu Huang A05, A06 hah019 TM102 1
Yuwen Li A07, A08 yul739 WLH 2115
Tam Tran A09, A10 tmt006 HSS 1315

To send an email to your TA, put "" after the username listed under "Email".

Office Hours

This calendar includes lecture times, discussion section time, office hours, and review session times (if any).

*The Calculus Lab is in AP&M B402 (which is in the basement of AP&M).