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Lecture C Information

Instructor:   Adam Bowers
Time:   1:00-1:50 pm (MWF)
Location:   WLH 2001

TA Information

Section Time (Tu) TA Location Office Hours
C01 8 pm Zhiyan (Rebecca) Gu APM B412 Tu 9-11am (APM 2313), Wed 9-11am (Calc Lab)
C02 9 pm
C05 6 pm
C06 7 pm
C03 6 pm Peter Wear WLH 2114 Wed 2-3pm (Calc lab), Wed 3-4pm (APM 5412).
C04 7 pm
C07 2 pm Katherine Engelman WLH 2208 Tu 10-11am (Calc Lab), Wed 2-3pm (APM 5412)
C08 3 pm
C09 7 pm Fangyao Su WLH 2208 Wed 4pm-6pm (APM 5412)
C10 8 pm

*The Calculus Lab is in AP&M B402 (which is in the basement of AP&M).


(Winter 2015) Welcome to Math 20B Lecture C!