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Lecture C Information

Instructor:   Adam Bowers
Time:   12:00-12:50 pm (MWF)
Location:   Peterson Hall 108

How is Lecture C different from the other lectures?

Unlike the other sections of Math 20B during Winter Quarter, Lecture C will be using an online homework system called CalcPortal (provided freely this quarter by the publisher of our textbook). This means there will be no in-class quizzes. Consequently, ignore any mention of in-class quizzes when you read the course syllabus or calendar. Instead, your course grade will be determined by the best of the following two methods:

  • Method 1:   20% Online Homework,   20% Midterm Exam I,   20% Midterm Exam II,   40% Final Exam
  • Method 2:   20% Online Homework,   20% Best Midterm Exam,   60% Final Exam
If you are not okay with online homework, then you should transfer to one of the other lectures!

How to Register for CalcPortal


(Mar 19) All scores (except for the final exam, which you have not yet taken) have been posted to Ted. Make sure that the scores say what you expect them to say. If any of the currently posted scores are in error, they must be changed before the final grades are posted. (The final grades will be posted sometime before next Tuesday.)

(Mar 18) While you didn't make 70% on your CAPE response rate by Friday (it was only 66%), you did it over the weekend (it is now 70.3%), so I will give you the 9 points for the "Online Homework Opinion Survey". That means that two surveys together count for 10 points.

(Mar 14) Everybody gets an extra attempt at Chapter 10, Section 06, Exercise 23 in CalcPortal. The bug in this problem has been corrected.

(Mar 14) Drop-in office hours next week:

(Mar 04) Our Final Exam will be held in the REC GYM. (Click here to see a map.) Check out the main Math 20B class "Exams" page for more information.

(Mar 02) I have posted two anonymous opinion surveys to TED. One survey is about your experiences with online homework (9 questions) and the other is about your textbook (5 questions). These are anonymous opinion surveys, but they are also homework assignments. Each survey is worth 1 point. They are graded only on completion. If TED says you completed the survey, then you get full credit.

At the moment, each survey is worth 1 point, but if we get a good CAPE response rate (evaluations start on Monday, Mar 4), then I will increase the point values:

CAPE = 70%: Homework Survey will be worth 9 points
CAPE = 80%: Textbook Survey will be worth 5 points

Yay points!

(Feb 22) Solutions to the old midterms are posted on Piazza. Remember to check your exam loaction on the Exams page. (It is the same as Midterm 1.) Remember to bring a Blue Book!

(Feb 17) Exam Week Office Hours: Additional DROP IN (i.e., no appointment necessary) hours for exam week!
      -----> Math 20B:   Tuesday, Feb 26:   4 - 6 P.M.

(Jan 31) The Math 20B Supplement problems will not be collected or graded, but here is a
list of problems you should do anyway.

(Jan 30) If you wish to view your homework assignments in CalcPortal after the due date, you can do so by clicking the "TRIES" buttons. These buttons are on the right side of the screen, and you have one for each attempt you made. You can view all of your past attempts, even after the due date has passed.

(Jan 28) Make sure you download the Math 20B Course Supplement. The list of homework problems for the supplement can be found here: Math 20B Homework List. (These problems will NOT be collected or graded.)

(Jan 24) IMPORTANT: Midterm Exam 1 will not be in our usual lecture hall! Instead, we will be in Center Hall. Check the Math 20B course Exam Information page to find your exam location!

(Jan 22) Homework 3 accessibility issues have been addressed. All students should now have access to Homework 3.

(Jan 17) Exercise #14 from Section 6.2 has been removed from the online homework due to technical irregularities.

(Jan 13) My office hours are now posted:
Please note that (due to overwhelming demand) all office hours are to be made using a web tool at the above URL.
If a time is not listed as available, then I am already booked for that time.

(Jan 4) The publisher of our book is very kindly allowing us to have free access to the CalcPortal homework system this quarter. To sign up for our course, you will need an access code. I am not allowed to broadcast it openly, so I posted it in TED. (Note: If you do not register for CalcPortal using your UCSD email address, you may not get credit for your homework!)

(Dec 12) Welcome to Math 20B!