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Lecture B Information

Instructor:   Adam Bowers
Time:   9:00-9:50 am (MWF)
Location:   GH 242

TA Information

Section Time (Tu) TA Location Office Hours
B01 11 am Roman Kitsela WLH 2114 Thu 11 am - 1 pm (APM 6414)
Mon & Wed 9-10 am (Calc Lab*)
B02 12 pm
B03 1 pm
B10 2 pm WLH 2115
B04 8 am Katie Bjorkman WLH 2115 Tu, Wed, Thu by appointment
Virtual office hours on Friday** (see below)
B05 9 am
B06 10 am
B07 11 am
B08 12 pm Jacob Postema WLH 2115 Tue 2-3 pm (APM 5412)
Thu 1-2 pm (Calc Lab*)
B09 1 pm

Please click on a TA's name to send an email.

*The Calculus Lab is in AP&M B402 (which is in the basement of AP&M).

**Friday virtual office hours involve monitoring Piazza regularly on Friday. All homework questions asked in Piazza by 8pm should have an answer by 11pm.


(Oct 2) Welcome to Math 20A Lecture B!