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Welcome to Math 183

The purpose of this class is to establish the mathematical foundations underlying the practices used in statistical analysis.

Instructor Lecture Time (MWF) Location
Adam Bowers A 2:00 - 2:50 P.M. PCYNH 109

Instructor office hours: (click here)

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Jun 11

CAPE Response Rate

Good news, everyone! As of 8:55 this morning, the CAPE response rate was 91.4%. This means we will drop the lowest homework score. Good job, everyone!

Jun 7

Review Session

I will hold a review session Monday evening. Click here for more information.

Jun 6

Unbiased Estimator

Do you remember that estimator we found in class? The one I didn't check to see if it was unbiased because it required using integration by parts FOUR TIMES? It turns out it's UNBIASED! Do you want to see the computations? Just click this link!


  • The PDF comes from Exercise 5.2.5 in the textbook, but the exercise only asks you to find the maximum likelihood estimate. It does not ask you to check to see if it is unbiased. (This topic doesn't even come up until Section 5.4.)
  • I would never ask you to check for unbiasedness when it is this involved.
  • Holy cow! I cannot believe this estimator is unbiased!

Jun 6

Office Hours for Finals Week

Updated office hours for finals week:

Jun 1

Homework Update

Homework 7 is now due on 6 Jun 2012. (See here.)

May 31

Final Exam

  • The final exam will be Friday, June 15 in Peterson 108 (3-6pm).
    (Click here for more.)
  • The final exam covers 2.2-2.7 and 3.2-3.9, 4.2-4.3, 5.2-5.4.
  • Here are some sample problems for the final exam.
  • Solutions to the Midterm Practice Problems can be found here (under "Downloads").
  • Solutions to the homework problems and midterm exam can be found on the class Piazza site.
May 6

Practice Solutions

Solutions to the practice problems are here.

ALSO: Don't forget that solutions to the homework problems can be found on the class Piazza site.

May 5

Homework Update

Homework 5 is now due on 16 May 2012. Later homework assignments have been altered to make up for this change. Please see the list of homework assignments for the new due dates/assignments.

May 2

Midterm Review

Maryann Hohn will hold a review session on Monday, May 7 from 7:30-8:30 pm in Ledden Auditorium.

May 1

Midterm Exam

  • The midterm exam will be held (during class time) on Wednesday, May 9.
    (Click here to find your exam location.)
  • The midterm covers 2.2-2.7 and 3.3-3.63.5 (not 3.6).
  • Here are some sample problems for the midterm.


Classroom Change

Our lecture hall has been changed to LEDDN AUD (Ledden Auditorium). You should go there for class from now on. (university map)