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Two- and three-dimensional Euclidean geometry is developed from one set of axioms. Pedagogical issues will emerge from the mathematics and be addressed using current research in teaching and learning geometry. This course is designed for prospective secondary school mathematics teachers.

Course Textbooks
Kiselev's Geometry. Book I. Planimetry by A. P. Kiselev. Adapted from Russian by Alexander Givental.

Kiselev's Geometry. Book I. Planimetry

Description from the Website: "In Russia, everyone knows it by this nickname: 'Kiselev's Geometry.' It is by far the most famous Russian textbook, in all subjects, ever. It has been published over 40 times in dozens of millions of copies, and lived through many epochs, wars, reforms and revolutions ... Now it is translated into English and adapted to fit common guidelines for a high-school level course in plane geometry in the US. The book is equally suitable for homeschooling, regular classes, teachers' professional development, or independent study. Reviewers and editors of former editions uniformly emphasize exceptional clarity of exposition..."

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