Lecture Information

Instructor:  Adam Bowers
Time:  8:00a - 10:50a (MW)
Location:  HSS 1330
Email:  abowers

TA Section Time (TuTh) Room
Evangelos Nikitopoulos A01 8:00a-8:50a APM 2402
Yi Luo A03 10:00a-10:50a APM B402A
Yi Luo A04 11:00a-11:50a APM B402A

Discussion sections meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Email addresses and Course information (including the course syllabus, course calendar, and homework list) are posted to the Canvas site for this course. Office hours are listed in the Canvas calendar MATH 10B - Calculus II - Bowers [S219].

Textbook Information

The required textbook for the course is Calculus: Concepts and Contexts (4th Edition), by Stewart; published by Cengage Learning. We will use Chapters 4-8 of the textbook in this course. You can buy a physical copy of the textbook in the UCSD Bookstore or you can buy ELECTRONIC ONLY access directly from WebAssign (after logging into WebAssign via Canvas).

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