Math 10C, Lecture B00

Calculus III

Fall 2022: MWF 1:00-1:50 PM, CENTR 115


Course Information

Instructional Staff and Office Hours

Name Role Office E-mail Office hours
Yuriy Nemish  Instructor  AP&M 6321  Thursday 4:30 - 6:30 PM (AP&M 6303)
Chase Wilson  Teaching Assistant  AP&M 2313
  • Tuesday 1 - 2 PM
  • Thursday 1 - 2 PM
Arijit Chakraborty  Teaching Assistant  HSS 5045
  • Tuesday 6 - 8 PM via zoom (link)
  • Thursday 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Please, check the following calendar for possible reschedulings of the office hours. You are welcome to attend the office hours of either of the TAs, not just your own.


Class Meetings

 Date Time Room
Lecture (YN)  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1 - 1:50 PM CENTR 115
Discussion B01 (CW)  Wednesday 6 - 6:50 PM CENTR 205
Discussion B02 (CW)  Wednesday 7 - 7:50 PM CENTR 205
Discussion B03 (AC)  Wednesday 5 - 5:50 PM CENTR 201
Discussion B04 (AC)  Wednesday 6 - 6:50 PM CENTR 201
Discussion B05 (AC)  Wednesday 7 - 7:50 PM CENTR 201
Discussion B06 (AC)  Wednesday 8 - 8:50 PM CENTR 201


Important dates

Week Date Time Room Policy
Midterm Exam 1 4 Wednesday, Oct 19 1 - 1:50 PM CENTR 115Midterm Exams
Midterm Exam 2 8 Wednesday, Nov 16 1 - 1:50 PM CENTR 115Midterm Exams
Final Exam Finals Monday, Dec 5 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM TBAFinal Exam



Welcome to Math 10C: a one quarter course introduction to calculus of functions of more than one variable. According to the UC San Diego Course Catalog, the topics covered are functions of more than one variable, vector geometry, partial derivatives, velocity and acceleration vectors, and optimization problems.

Here is a more detailed listing of course topics, in the sequence they will be covered, together with the relevant section(s) of the textbook. While each topic corresponds to approximately one lecture, there will be some give and take here. This is a rough schedule that will be updated during the term.

DateWeekTopic Strang Preliminary slides Final slides
9/230 Administrivia. Vectors in the plane  2.1 Slides 1 Slides 1
9/261 Vectors in the plane  2.1 Slides 2 Slides 2
9/281 Vectors in three dimensions  2.2 Slides 3 Slides 3
9/301 The dot product  2.3 Slides 4 Slides 4
10/32 The dot product  2.4 Slides 5 Slides 5
10/52 The cross product  2.4 Slides 6 Slides 6
10/72 Equations of lines and planes  2.5 Slides 7 Slides 7
10/103 Equations of lines and planes  2.5 Slides 8 Slides 8
10/123 Equations of planes  2.5 Slides 9 Slides 9
10/143 Vector-valued functions  3.1, 3.2, 3.4 Slides 10 Slides 10
10/174 Calculus of vector-valued functions. Motion in space. Review Slides 11 Slides 11
10/194 Midterm 1
10/214 Calculus of vector-valued functions. Review  3.2 Slides 12 Slides 12
10/245 Motion in space. Functions of several variables  4.1 Slides 13 Slides 13
10/265 Limits and continuity  4.2 Slides 14 Slides 14
10/285 Limits and continuity  4.2 Slides 15 Slides 15
10/316 Partial derivatives  4.3 Slides 16 Slides 16
11/26 Tangent planes and linear approximation  4.4 Slides 17 Slides 17
11/46 Differentiability. The chain rule  4.4, 4.5 Slides 18 Slides 18
11/77 Directional derivatives and the gradient  4.6 Slides 19 Slides 19 Prerecorded video
11/97 Maxima/minima  4.7 Slides 20 Slides 20
11/117 Veterans Day
11/148 Maxima/minima. Review  4.7 Slides 21 Slides 21
11/168 Midterm 2
11/188 Maxima/minima  4.7 Slides 22 Slides 22
11/219 Lagrange multipliers  4.8 Slides 23 Slides 23
11/239 Lagrange multipliers  4.8 Slides 24 Slides 24
11/259 Thanksgiving
11/2810 Lagrange multipliers  4.8 Slides 25 Slides 25
11/3010 Lagrange multipliers  4.8 Slides 26 Slides 26
12/210 Review

Prerequisite:  AP Calculus BC score of 3, 4, or 5, or MATH 10B, or MATH 20B.

Lecture:  You are responsible for material presented in the lecture whether or not it is discussed in the textbook. You should expect questions on the exams that will test your understanding of concepts discussed in the lecture.



Midterm Exams:  The two midterm exams will take place during the lecture time on the dates listed above.

Final Exam:  The final examination will be held at the date and time stated above.

The above exam policies will be applied to in-person exams. The exam policies will be changed in case of the change in exam modality. More detailed instructions will be posted on this website later.

Administrative Links:    Here are two links regarding UC San Diego policies on exams:

Regrade Policy:  

Grading: Your cumulative average will be computed as the best of the following weighted averages:

Your course grade will be determined by your cumulative average at the end of the quarter, and will be based on the following scale:

A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C-
97 93 90 87 83 80 77 73 70

The above scale is guaranteed: for example, if your cumulative average is 80, your final grade will be at least B-. However, your instructor may adjust the above scale to be more generous.

Academic Integrity:  UC San Diego's code of academic integrity outlines the expected academic honesty of all studentd and faculty, and details the consequences for academic dishonesty. The main issues are cheating and plagiarism, of course, for which we have a zero-tolerance policy. (Penalties for these offenses always include assignment of a failing grade in the course, and usually involve an administrative penalty, such as suspension or expulsion, as well.) However, academic integrity also includes things like giving credit where credit is due (listing your collaborators on homework assignments, noting books or papers containing information you used in solutions, etc.), and treating your peers respectfully in class. In addition, here are a few of our expectations for etiquette in and out of class.


Students requesting accommodations for this course due to a disability must provide a current Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letter issued by the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) which is located in University Center 202 behind Center Hall. The AFA letter may be issued by the OSD electronically or in hard-copy; in either case, please make arrangements to discuss your accommodations with me in advance (by the end of Week 2, if possible). We will make every effort to arrange for whatever accommodations are stipulated by the OSD. For more information, see here.


Textbook homework assignments