Tianyi Zheng


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the UC San Diego. Before coming to UCSD in the Fall of 2016, I was a postdoc in the Department of Mathematics at Stanford University. I received Ph.D. in Mathematics from Cornell University in 2013.


My primary research interest is in random walks on groups. I'm also interested in harmonic functions on groups, groups of intermediate volume growth and subgroup dynamics in the Chabauty spaces.


Here is my CV.



Email: tzheng2 AT math.ucsd.edu

Office: 6202 Applied Physics and Mathematics, UCSD




I am teaching MATH 180B in Winter 2022.






o   Asymptotic behaviors of random walks on countable groups. Survey article submitted to the Proceedings of ICM 2022. PDF.


o   Law of large numbers for the drift of two-dimensional wreath product. with Anna Erschler, accepted for publication in Probab. Theory Related Fields, arXiv: 2011.07628 (2020).


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o   Speed of random walks, isoperimetry and compression of finitely generated groups. With J. Brieussel, Ann. of Math. (2) 193 (2021), no. 1, 1–105.


o   Random walks on discrete affine groups. With J. Brieussel and R. Tanaka, accepted for publication in Groups Geom. Dyn. (2021).


o   On FC-central extensions of groups of intermediate growth,

submitted (2020), arXiv 2001.07814



o   Neretin groups admit no non-trivial invariant random subgroups,

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o   On rigid stabilizers and invariant random subgroups of groups of homeomorphisms,

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o   Growth of periodic Grigorchuk groups,

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o   Isoperimetric inequalities, shape of F{\o}lner sets and groups with Shalomճ property H_FD,

         with Anna Erschler. to appear in Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble) (2017), arxiv 1708.04730.



o   Shalom’s  property H_FD and extensions by \mathbb{Z} of locally finite groups,

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o   Large deviations for stable like random walks on Z^d with applications to random walks on wreath products,

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                     London Math. Soc. Lecture Note Ser., 436, Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 2017.



 Past teaching at UCSD


MATH180A Winter 2017

MATH180C Spring 2017

MATH289A Spring 2017

MATH280A Fall 2017

MATH280B Winter 2018

MATH280C Spring 2018