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Math 170A - Introduction to Numerical Analysis


Instructional Staff

Name Role E-mail Office hours
Shuang Liu Instructor shl083@ucsd.edu MW: 9-10:30am AP&M 1121
Yiming Zhang
A01  and  A02
Teaching Assistant yiz134@ucsd.edu Thursdays 3-5pm, HSS 4047
Daotong Ge
A03  and  A04
Teaching Assistant dge@ucsd.edu
Tuesdays 12-2pm, HSS 5056

Course Information

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes will be made available on Canvas under Modules. You may use them as supplements, in addition to the lectures and podcast.

About Gradescope

Gradescope is an online tool for uploading and grading assignments an exams (it is now under the umbrella of TurnItIn). You will turn in your homework and exams through Gradescope, and you will access your graded exams there as well. You can access Gradescope through Canvas.

About Matlab

MATLAB (from "matrix laboratory") is a programming language and numerical computing environment widely used in applied mathematics, engineering, computer science and sciences in general. Many assignments (and even some test questions) will be to write short programs for Matlab.  One thing to know about Matlab: the command ‘help’ is your best friend! Use to look up what functions do and the syntax.

We will do basic MATLAB programming in this course. While we will talk about the MATLAB specific programming details during class, I will expect that you know some programming basics, including what a "for loop" is. (The for loop is about the most complicated programming concept we'll use, and fortunately it's not too complicated.)

There are three main ways to get access to Matlab:

(Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Professor Ioana Dumitriu and Professor Caroline Moosmüller for sharing recourses and course policies.)