Getting Started

In the grand scheme of things, your role as a TA is three-fold:

  • Assist in instruction for math classes. This department would not be able to function without the logistical (and, frankly, inspirational) support of TAs like you.

  • Develop teaching skills that you'll need when you graduate from UCSD and look for a job.

  • Actively participate with students, instructors, administrators, graders, and staff to improve the UCSD experience. This campus is a community, and you're part of it.
With these goals in mind, check out the following:

  • Your Responsibilities
  • Pre-quarter Preparations
  • Your First Section
  • The Matlab Lab
  • Dealing With Exams
  • TA Training Program
  • People Who Can Help

    Hopefully this is most of the logistical support you'll need. As far as the actual teaching is concerned, please see here.