Software: LaTeX style file


bussproofs.sty is a LaTeX style file for constructing proof trees.   It was originally intended displayingl for sequent calculus proofs and natural deduction proofs but could be used for other purposes as well.    The kinds of features it supports include:

Documentation: The original documentation consisted only of comments at the beginning of the bussproofs.sty file. For more advanced features, read the beginning parts of the source code down to the end of the user-modifiable parameters.  Subsequently, Peter Smith has written wrote a thorough set of documentation which is highly recommended (July 2004, updated March 2012). Peter deserves a huge thanks for this! In addition, the sample LaTeX and postscript/PDF files available below show short examples of the kinds of proof trees that can be created.

The bussproofs package is available through CTAN. (In CTAN releases after late 2006.)

Files are also available for download here: The current version is version 1.1, updated June 3, 2011.

Archives:  The style file and the testbp2 files are available in a zip archive,

Author: Sam Buss