Book (collection):

    Samuel R. Buss (ed).
    Handbook Proof Theory
    Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1998, 811+x pages.

    Table of contents:

  1.   An Introduction to Proof Theory.    Samuel R. Buss.
  2.   First-Order Theory of Arithmetic.   Samuel R. Buss.
  3.   Hierarchies of Provably Recursive Functions.  Matt Fairtlough and Stanley S. Wainer.
  4.   Subsystems of Set Theory and Second Order Number Theory.  Wolfram Pohlers.
  5.   Gödels' Functional ("Dialectica") Interpretation.   Jeremy Avigad and Soloman Feferman.
  6.   Realizability.  Anne S. Troelstra.
  7.   The Logic of Provability.  Giorgi Japaridze and Dick de Jongh.
  8.   The Lengths of Proofs.  Pavel Pudlák.
  9.   A Proof-Theoretic Framework for Logic Programming.  Gerhard Jäger and Robert Stärk.
  10.   Types in Logic, Mathematics and Programming.  Robert L. Constable.

    Also contains name index and subject index.

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