Research article:

    Samuel R. Buss.
    "Algorithms for Boolean formula evaluation and for tree-contraction."
In Proof Theory, Complexity, and Arithmetic, P. Clote and J. Krajicek (eds), Oxford University Press, 1993, pp. 95-115.

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    Abstract: This paper presents a new, simpler ALOGTIME (alternating logtime) algorithm for the Boolean sentence value problem (BSVP). Unlike prior work, this algorithm avoids the use of postfix-longer-operand-first formulas. This paper also shows that tree-contraction can be made ALOGTIME uniform.
    The Boolean sentence problem restricted to balanced sentences with only the connectives $\land$ and $\lor$ is in online $O(\log(\log n))$ space. Hence every ALOGTIME predicate is deterministic log-time reducible to $\log(\log n)$ space. This balanced and/or BSVP has logarithmic width, linear length, branching programs.

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