Math 268 - Logic and Complexity

Dates: Fall 2012
Course Professors: Sam Buss, Russell Impagliazzo, Mohan Paturi.

Meeting times for Fall 2012: Tuesdays, 11:00-12:30, APM 6218.

First meeting: Organizational (short meeting), Tuesday, October 9th. Please email Sam to let us know your interest if you do not attend the organizational meeting.
First actual meeting: Tuesday, October 16th.

Please sign up for the roster for the course. The pages will be used for posting announcements about the schedule; it may optionally be used for online discussion about course topics as well.
If you need a invitation, email at Sam at

Students who are actively attending are encouraged to sign up for one unit of credit.

This will be a reading and discussion seminar course devoted to understanding some subset of the following papers leading up the Impagliazzo-Kabanets-Wigderson paper.

Scribe Notes. These handwritten notes serve as an informal record of topics covered.

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