Math 261C
Randomized Algorithms
Winter 2014

Course: Math 261C: Probabilistic Algorithms and Combinatorics
Dates: Spring 2014 quarter, Monday-Wednesday-Fridays 12:00-12:50
Room: APM 7421

Instructor: Sam Buss
    Office: APM 6210.
    Office phone: 858-534-6455.
    Voice mail: 858-792-9674.
    Mobile phone: 442-2877 (same area code).

Office hours: By appointment, or Monday 1:00-1:30 and Friday 1:00-1:30.

Overview: This course will cover topics in randomized algorithms and derandomization, with an emphasis on combinatorial problems and techniques.

There are no particular prerequisites beyond a certain level of mathematical maturity. It is aimed at graduate students in mathematics, computer science and related areas. Math 261A and 261B are not prerequisites for this course.

Some students have been unable to enroll online. If this happens to you, please see the instructor for permission to enroll.

Lecture notes, scribed by students. Template LaTex file for scribes: template.tex. To get other LaTeX source files, replace the filename extension ".pdf" with ".tex" in the URL. Homework problems It is not required to do all the homeworks! Students should consult with the instructor about homework assignments.

    Here is the link for Homework Problems.

Latex source files for the PDF files are available online, by manually changing the filename extension in the URL from "pdf" to "tex".

Course resources. There is no textbook for the course, but a couple of books for useful background reading include:

Handwritten course notes.

These notes are very rough, and for Sam's archival storage. Not likely to be useful for anyone else. Click here.