Instructor: Professor Sam Buss
   Office: APM 6210
   Phone: 848-534-6455 (mainly for voice messages)
   Office hours as of October 5:
      Monday and Friday 1:15-2:30.
      Tuesday, 12:00-1:00.

Homework problems can be downloaded here.
Please hand in approximately two problems per assignment.
Suggested due date is each Monday, beginning with October 5.
Homework problems may be discussed on Piazza! (It is encouraged.)

Social networking for combinatorics:
On Piazza, for everyone enrolled or auditing. Please ask if you need access to piazza.

Textbook: Noga Alon and Joel H. Spencer, The Probabilistic Method, 3rd edition.

Class meeting time and place: MWF 10:00-10:50, APM 7421.