Math 260AB
Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Winter - Spring 2012

    Sam Buss
    Office: APM 6210.
    Office phone: 858-534-6455.
    Cell phone: 858 then 442 then 2877.

    Office hours (subject to change): Monday and Friday 1:00-2:00pm OR ask for an appointment.

Course blog: At You should be able to use basic LaTeX commands use \( and \). or \[ and \], not dollar signs. The blog is setup to be readable by anyone, and anyone can post comments to blog postings. You should get an email invitation to be a blog owner: by accepting you will be able to start new posts too.

Student-written scribe notes: Student written scribe notes, were started mid Winter quarter.

Handouts and course materials:
    LK Inferences Rules. For both both propositional and first-order logic.
    Paper by Turing
    The Ackermann Function is not Primitive Recursive (proof sketch). From a 1987 course taught by your instructor.

Homework assignments:
    Homework #1. Due Monday, January 23.
    Homework #2. Due Friday, February 10.
    Homework #3. Due Friday, February 17.
    Homework #4. Due Thursday, March 22. Can be turned in to my mailbox.
    Homework #5. Due Monday, April 16.
    Homework #6. Due Monday, April 23.
    Homework #7. Due Wednesday, May 2.
    Homework #8. Due Wednesday, May 9.
    Homework #9. Due Monday, June 4 (possibly later).
Homework LaTeX source files are available too. For the URL, replace the filename extension ".pdf" with ".tex".

Suggested reading and other resources:
There are many excellent books and online resources for mathematical logic. Here are a few:

Grades will be based on homework assignments and a final exam.