Meetings: Tuesday, Thursday 3:00-4:20pm.
Room: APM 7321

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Instructor: Sam Buss
   Office: APM 7456
   Office hours: TBA.

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Course announcement.

Instructor: Sam Buss

Topics: This is an introductory level course in mathematical logic at the graduate level. Topics to be covered during the Winter quarter to include (a) Computability, Undecidability, Recursion Theory, Arithmetic Hierarchy; (b) Peano Arithmetic, Metamathematics, the Incompleteness Theorems; (c) Bounded Arithmetic and other fragments and Computational Complexity (polynomial time, primitive recursive functions; (d) Additional topics from logic and CS as time permits, such as finite model theory.

Prerequisites: This is a successor to Math 260A; however, students with a background in logic can take this quarter independently. Scribe notes for 260A are available online; the primary topics from 260A needed for 260B will be the soundness and completeness theorems and the sequent calculus.

Course work: To be discussed in the first lectures. Please be in touch if you cannot make the first lecture but plan to participate.